2017 Ellen Eagle

If you or your group are interested in scheduling a workshop in your area,  or would like to organize a workshop expedition,  please contact me at



July 27- August 10, Art Workshop International, Assisi, Italy
Portrait and Landscape in Assisi
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October 6-8, PAFA (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts), Philadelphia
Portraiture in Pastel
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November 11-14, Devonshire Cultural Center, Skokie, IL.



May 7-10, Townsend Atelier, Chattanooga, TN
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“Ellen Eagle, as an instructor, has mastery in this medium. She is a smart, and sensitive teacher; an amazing artist. She works with you at your easel, instructing. Her comments are wonderful. The instruction allows you to walk away at the workshop’s conclusion with paintings of which you are proud. How do you develop naturalistic flesh tones? How do you create a “likeness”? Attend a workshop with Ellen Eagle and you’ll  get closer to uncovering those truths/mysteries. The Art Students League, and artists who study with Ellen Eagle, are profoundly lucky to have such a remarkable Artist available.”

“Incredible instructor.”    

“Instructor is not only a brilliant artist but a wonderful teacher; giving, warm and attentive to her students.”

“Ellen’s strengths: knowledge and temperament; generosity and absence of ego;  her painting skills, listening and communicating.”